Reporting Spam and False-Positives to ProofPoint

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Mon, 13 Jan 2020 at 02:11 PM by Jason Carreiro

Ticket Creation:

For these processes, we highly recommend providing the details directly in our ticketing system by attachments. Please make sure when submitting, follow these ticketing processes:

Creating a ticket:

Updating a ticket:

False-Positive (FP): message that is not spam, but incorrectly being blocked as spam. 

The false positive sender of messages will have the message quarantined. (Depending on set-up, the user and/or admin will get a notification of this.) The Support Team will need a copy of the original message being sent. Without this original message, we cannot assist you in sending or receiving this message we will be unable to adjust our anti-spam service for this FP message issue.

False Negative (FN): message that is spam, but is incorrectly seen as a regular email.

Incoming False negatives are messages that come through our system that passed our anti-spam filtering. This is an annoyance to end-users and should be reported to ensure that the message(s) are not seen again. 

Reporting FP/FN as an Admin:

1- If logged into ProofPoint Essentials interface click Log Search for your selected domain on the far left.

2- Enter the search criteria in question that was spam or blocked by ProofPoint Essentials and click Search.

3- Once the result is displayed, select the Action option on the far right of the results. 

4- On the pop-up screen select either Report As False Positive or Report as False Negative.

5- Fill out the information on the new pop-up screen and ensure the box is checked.

6- Then click the Report to submit your request.

7- You will not receive a confirmation email or be notified of any updates on your submission.