Timing for configuration changes to occur

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How long does it take domain changes to take affect? When will a new email address added be able to send and receive emails? When do custom filters and sender list start allowing/blocking?


A chart below will show the timing for configurations to take affect

Configuration Changes

Filter PolicesImmediately*
Sender ListImmediately*
Spam SettingsImmediately*

Malicious Content


All settingsImmediately*


Safe SendersImmediately*


ExceptionsTop and bottom of the hour**

Account Management


DomainsTop and bottom of the hour**
Sending ServersTop and bottom of the hour**
SMTP AuthenticationTop and bottom of the hour**

User Management

New email address added as either User, Alias, or Functional Accounts.
Updating an email address also falls under this category.
Top and bottom of the hour**
If email address was previously "Marked as Invalid"  and then added as New User.It may take longer than 60 minutes*




FAQ: Why does it take so long for these changes to take effect?


Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) cannot access in real time the same database where the data in question (user account data, etc) is stored. They need static lookup files that are compiled on a periodic basis in order to work. These files cannot be recreated too frequently because doing so causes a drop in MTA performance, as all the SMTPD processes need to reload upon any change.

* Will need to propagate through all of our systems. If testing please wait a minute or two

** These updates are done at the top and bottom of the hour but could take up to an hour after changes to be fully propagated