Building and Sending Reports

Created by Abderrahim Ibnou el kadi, Modified on Tue, 22 Oct 2019 at 08:23 AM by Abderrahim Ibnou el kadi

Reports are very important to look at or generate on a scheduled basis this way you always have an overview of your system and email flow health.

Building and Sending Reports in Proofpoint Essentials

  • 1.   To build a report Select Threat Reporting



  • 2.   Below select the report you want to view.
  • 3.   There configure the report with data points you want to view.



  • 4.   On the Right hand side click the gray gear and save report as favorite.


  • 5.  Give the report a Name

On the left Report Panel you will see a new category called favorites. Here is where you will find all your saved reports. 



  • 1.   To send reports to your e-mail select Schedule List  
  • 2.   Click Add a Report Schedule
  • 3.   Give a description of your report
  • 4.   Select the sending Frequency of the report
  • 5.   Enter the e-mail address you want receiving the report.
  • 6.   Then choose the report from your favorites drop down menu.


  • 7.   Click Save 

You now will receive reports via e-mail.