Bulk Email Request

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SituationYou want to request bulk sending privileges for a user that sends out a large amount of mail in a short time frame, or have received bouncebacks saying that the bulk rate limit has been exceeded.
SolutionThis article provides information on who qualifies for bulk sending, and details the steps necessary to submit a bulk sender request to Proofpoint Essentials Support


Who Qualifies For Bulk Sending? 

Bulk sending is designed for users who need it for business-critical purposes, such as:

  • Recruitment consultants emailing individuals applying for a specific job(s)
  • Support users needing to update their users 
  • Accounts departments sending invoices, etc.

Please make sure you read our Acceptable Use Policy for outbound mail.

The danger of giving all users bulk permissions is it massively increases the risk to the company, the company’s clients and Proofpoint Essentials of a spambot (for example) causing serious IP reputation problems. When a spambot is detected, Proofpoint Essentials will shut down the infected address(es) to eliminate the risk of it causing any problems. 

Marketing Specific Third Party Services

Standard and Bulk are the only available settings.  If you require to send more email than defined in the below daily limits, you will need to utilize an outside resource (e.g. third-party programs designed for bulk sending like Constant ContactMailChimp, and Campaigner). There are no available settings beyond the set limits. 


Alternatively you could set up a custom rule in your exchange outbound rules to send out e-mail for your newsletters and other bulk messages that bypasses the outbound email filtering.

Requesting Bulk Sending

You can request a user to be enabled for Bulk Sending (we only enable Bulk sending on a per user basis):

Things to Note

  • Bulk Sending request are subject to approval with valid justification.
  • It may take up to 48 hours to make this change.
  • There is a limit of 10% of users being added as bulk senders    
  1. Log in to the Proofpoint Essentials Support Portal using your support account credentials. The new portal is located here.
  2. Click Contact Support.
  3. Go to the Create A Case section.
  4. Subject: Bulk Sending request for: [input desired email address]
  5. Description: (Please put answers down for these questions)
    1. Email address(es) which require bulk email enabled?
    2. What type of bulk email is to be sent?
    3. What is the purpose of these bulk emails?
    4. How many emails will each email address need to send?
    5. How often will the bulk emails be sent?
  6. Domain Name: enter in the domain from the email address
  7. Click Submit.

Bulk Sending Privileges

Please note that allowing bulk sending is a privilege that is an extension of our standard outbound mail. Proofpoint Essentials is more for a business email service, and not bulk email. 


Proofpoint reserves the right to remove bulk mail privileges without notice.