STEP 3 - How to Bypass O365 Scanning

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Tue, 13 Jun 2023 at 09:31 AM by Marc Chouinard


Office 365 is tagging messages coming from ProofPoint Essentials as spam and putting the messages in the user's junk folder.


You need to tell O365 to trust Emails coming from ProofPoint Essentials.


By-Pass Spam Filtering in Office 365

1- Sign-In to the Office 365 Admin portal.

2- Click on Admin menu this will launch Admin Center

3- In the Admin Center click on Show All.

4- Then click on Exchange under the Admin Centers which will launch the Exchange Admin Center.

5- Once in the Exchange Admin Center select Mail Flow - Rules.

6- Under the Rules page click on the Plus sign " " and in the drop down menu select Bypass spam filtering.

7- In the new rule window, complete the required fields:

  • Enter a value for Name (e.g."By-pass Spam filtering for ProofPoint Essentials")
  • For "Apply this rule if…" select "The sender...IP address is in any of these ranges or exactly matches

8- Add IP address to the IP address list as provided below.                (Vircom)

9- Type in the address followed by the clicking the plus sign " " icon. This needs to be repeated for all IP addresses.

10- Ensure Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to is selected in the Do the and click Save.

11- Once back on the Rules page enable the rule by clicking the check box.

12- You can now proceed to STEP 4 - Telnet Test to Verify if Email Works