Phishing Raw Campaign Data CSV

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The Phishing Campaign Data CSV Report provides user and user’s equipment details that are not available in other reports, reflecting all information available on campaigns in one report. Administrators can export all campaign data and build custom charts based on desired fields and stats.


Simple export of comprehensive Phishing data for quick and easy import into the organization’s preferred analysis tool for evaluation.

Key Features

  • Located under the campaign overview page under Export Data > Campaign History.
  • Provides raw data of all campaigns within a selected range, which enables administrators to manipulate and create different charts from the results.
  • Displays details about campaigns such as campaign title, type, template used, from name and from email fields, summarized results, and many other fields.
  • Export in CSV only.
  • CSV Export Header Definitions
    • Drive-By Campaign
    • Data Entry Campaign
    • Attachment Campaign

Sample Report

Campaign Overview CSV Report

User-added image

Campaign History CSV Report

User-added image

Campaign Details CSV Report

User-added image