Keep a User Account Enabled In ProofPoint Essentials.

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Tue, 24 May 2022 at 02:48 PM by Jason Carreiro


It does occur from time to time when an account on Azure or Active Directory is labeled as disabled yet you wish for the account to still be able to receive emails and be active on Proofpoint Essentials.


The steps below will show you how to keep an account active on ProofPoint Essentials and how to keep it active by exempting the account for a user sync.

1- Login to ProofPoint Essentials and local the account that is marked as disabled and click on that user account.

2- Once in the user account profile, click on the button that reads ACTIVATE USER and click SAVE.

3- Next select either AZURE DIRECTORY SYNC or ACTIVE DIRECTORY SYNC from the IMPORT & SYNC options depending on what platform you are using.

4- Then click the SAVE & RUN SYNC NOW button and get a report.

5- Once the report is run, You are asked to delete the account or update the account. Simply select the EXEMPT FROM SYNC button and the account will no longer sync with Azure or Active Directory.

6- Then simply leave the page with-out doing the actual sync.