How to Change Trusted / Blocked Senders for a Functional Account

Created by Abderrahim Ibnou el kadi, Modified on Mon, 13 Jan 2020 at 02:16 PM by Jason Carreiro

To make an alteration to the functional accounts’ trusted/blocked list you can go through either one of the steps below:


STEP 1: From a message that is blocked in the quarantine 


When looking at message log for a specific message, the 'Category' will tell you if a message was blocked by a Filter Rule or Blocked Sender Entry and in either case, it will say "Filtered: Block

When looking at the Details pane of a message blocked by rule/entry then it will show you WHICH entry (specific rule or blocked sender) that caused the message to be quarantined.
 It doesn't matter if the rule/blocked sender is at the user level, group level, or organizational  level  if it caused the message to be quarantined it'll show here.

To be more specific about this, you will need to look at the section “Per Recipient classification & Delivery Status which will give you the exact reason why the message is blocked. In this case (screen shot below) the reason is that the sender is listed in the blocked sender list. figure 1  


Figure 1:


Pro Tip:
The text in the “Triggering Filter” is clickable. Clicking on it will open the filter rule or sender/blocked list with offending entry regardless of user type or at what level the entry exists and from there you can ADD or REMOVE any entry you need.


STEP 2: Directly to the functional account 


In the case you don’t have any message blocked in the quarantine (STEP 1 above) you will need to follow the below steps to be able to ADD/REMOVE entries for a functional account.

Notice that wen you go directly to a functional account you don’t see the TAB “Sender List” and in order for you to see that you will need to:

  1. Login to the portal 
  2. Go to Functional account 
  3. Click on the specific functional account 
  4. Copy the User ID in the URL (screen shot below Figure 2)


Figure 2: 



        5. Now, click on the Users and select any user

        6. Replace the USER ID by the one you copied from the Functional account (Figure 3)

Figure 3:




        7. Notice that you are now under the Functional account (see the Email address field)


        8. Now click on the Sender list 

        9. Alter whichever you need (Blocked Sender list, Sage Sender list)

        10. Clock SAVE when done.