Archive Ingestion Requests

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You need to get your archiving data ingested into proofpoint's archive and want to know the process.


  • Make sure you have the data in the proper format
  • Put in a request to our support team with required information
  • Vircom support provides you with an FTP link to upload said data to proofpoint
  • Upload the data via FTP
  • Once completed, you let us know upload complete
  • Import Pre-Processing (Vircom)
  • Import Processing (Vircom)
  • Import Complete Confirmation

Make sure you have the data in the proper format

Before we do the ingestion, the data you want uploaded need to respect the following pre-requesites:

  • Emails can be provided in either PST or EML format
  • EML files must be compressed into either Zip or 7zip files.
  • The maximum PST file size is 10GB per file.  
    • PST files can be uploaded individually
    • PST format exported from Microsoft Exchange.
  • The maximum Zip/7zip file size is 80GB per file.  
    • ZIP files are for .EML files only.
    • EML files once zipped together cannot exceed 80 gb in size
    • Multi-part Zip & 7zip files are not supported

Put in a request to our support team with required information

Create a new ticket with our team by sending an Email to with 

Subject: Archive Import Request:


  • Contact Information (Name, Phone Number, Email)
  • How much data (uncompressed) you need to import?
  • Data retention should be based on: Import Time or Message Timestamp time?
  • Will the upload be zip password protected?
  • What is going to be the password (if zipped and passworded)?

We provide you with an FTP link to upload said data to proofpoint

Normally we will provide you with a username, strong password and the link to upload the data to.  We strongly recommend using the filezilla FTP client to upload your data with.

You upload the data via FTP

We recommend using "WINSCP" as the program to upload your data with.  We used to recommend filezilla but something changed in the functionality of the FTP uploads that broke that no longer supports Proofpoint's FTP site.

You can grab WinSCP here:

To ensure a secure connection when transferring files to Proofpoint, we only allow clients to connect using “implicit ftp over TLS” mode. 

  • Once a file has been uploaded to the FTPs site its file name will be re-written to indicate that it is undergoing verification:
    • e.g., (verifying...)
  • If verification fails the import job cannot proceed until verification passes.
  • Problem files will be suffixed with a verification failure reason:
    •  - The zip is encrypted but no password was supplied.
    • - The zip password is incorrect.
    • - The file is not supported.
    • - Multipart zips are not supported.
    • - File is corrupted.
    • - Unknown error.
  • Where verification is successful, the existing upload process continues and progress is reported:
    • (uploading 14%)
  • When fully uploaded the file finally displays as it's original filename:

Import Pre-Processing

  • Once all data has been uploaded and verified, Proofpoint will unpack all data supplied and extract and verify all messages.
  • This phase will produce a preliminary import report that will be shared. It includes individual message counts and will identify counts for duplicates, problem messages, etc.
  • Approval is required to proceed to the next step

Import Processing

  • This phase will process and move the data to the customer's production archive.
  • There are no actions for customers during this phase

Import Completion Confirmation

  • A final import report is shared once import processing has completed. It will include final counts of all processed email.