Advanced BEC Defence

Created by Nadav Shenker, Modified on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 01:52 AM by Nadav Shenker

As part of our new “plus” packages offering, we have included a new detection enhancement, Advanced BEC Defense, that is available in the new Advanced+ and Professional+ packages. 

This detection enhancement is a result of the integration of Proofpoint’s Targeted Threat Detection engine, Supernova, into the Proofpoint Essentials detection stack. 

While there are some capabilities associated with Advanced BEC Defense, and Supernova, that are limited to the Advanced + and Professional + packages, we have also added some detection elements into all Proofpoint Essentials packages. 


All Packages

All Proofpoint Essentials packages leverage the same detection stack, which now incorporates the Supernova detection engine. As a result, the new BEC classifier is incorporated into our scoring and emails classified as BEC will be quarantined. In addition, we’ve incorporated additional Supernova classifiers, phishing & malware, for further improvements to our pre-delivery detection and classification.


Advanced + & Professional + Packages

Our new “+” packages, leverage the new classifiers as mentioned above, but offer additional “advanced” capabilities. Some of capabilities are available now and some that will be made available moving forward.


Available Now:

  • Advanced BEC Defense, powered by Supernova 
  • Pre-delivery detection and classification improvements for phishing & malware
  • Supernova Behavioral engine – Powers Email Warning Tags “Domain age” use case


Future Improvements:

Enhanced intelligence & explainability (2023+)

  • Surface detection insights in Email logs & Message Details
  • Surface end-user insights into “Learn more” component of EWTs
  • New BEC themed reports (web and API accessible)

Additional Email Warning Tag use cases, powered by Supernova Behavioral

  • Suspicious (Q3’23) 
  • Unknown Sender (2023)
  • And more to come (future)