Essentials Security Awareness Training Module Update

Created by Nadav Shenker, Modified on Sun, 29 Jan 2023 at 02:16 AM by Nadav Shenker

What is happening with Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness (PE-SA)?

On December 14, 2022, Proofpoint added the following new modules for all customers with a Proofpoint Essentials - Security Awareness subscription:

New Modules:

Module Name

Course Code

Phish Finder: Spotting Warning Signs - Beginner


Social Engineering: Many Methods, Many Motives


Security Basics: Physical Security and Remote Working


Public Data vs. Non-Public Data


Being Smart with Social Media


Web Browsing: Identifying Threats (Beginner)


Security Basics: Data Handling and Security


Physical Security Fundamentals


Email Attack Methods: Business Email Compromise


Security Basics: Insider Threats


Remote Working: Recognizing the Risks



Proofpoint will also be removing the following modules approximately on March 17, 2023:

Retiring Modules:

Module Name

Course Code

Introduction to Phishing


Social Engineering


Physical Security


PII Fundamentals


Safe Social Networks


Safer Web Browsing


USB Device Safety


Workplace Security in Action



Will I be able to assign the modules being retired to new customers before March 17, 2023?

No. Effective immediately, new customers will not be able to view these modules or have them assigned to new campaigns. Because of this, you may see minor discrepancies between your existing and new user accounts.

Why are these changes happening?

Proofpoint is continuously updating training content to provide world-class education to our customers. The new modules use the latest Proofpoint formatting (e.g. live action, animation) designed to encourage engagement from end-users and increase knowledge retention.

What happens if my users have been assigned modules that are being retired?

Beginning March 17, 2023, you will no longer be able to assign retiring modules to new campaigns. If you have included soon-to-be removed modules in your active campaigns and assigned them to users prior to the deprecation date, you will not lose access to the modules and they will not expire until the content is completed. Reporting that reference retired modules will still be available.

What do I need to do to prepare for these changes?

If you currently use modules that will be retired in your security program, ensure that all your users are assigned those modules prior to March 17, 2023 or modify your campaigns to include courses that will remain live.

What about modules that have similar names to modules being added or removed?

Only the modules with the course codes listed above will be affected. Modules with the same or similar names will remain the same. Please reference the lists above to ensure you know which modules will be removed and which will remain.