Quarantine Digest Report Not Delivered

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Quarantine Digest Report Not Delivered

SituationYou have not received an expected Quarantine Digest Report.

Before contacting support, there are a few things to check first:-

  • Review the Timestamp of the last Quarantine Digest Check.
  • Ensure there are quarantined items in your logs for the last 24 hours.
  • Review Spam settings:
    • Make sure that the Receive Quarantine Digests setting is set to Yes.
    • Check the option Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent.

Timestamp Of The Last Quarantine Digest Check

03:00:01 MDT, Friday 31 May 2019

The Timestamp of the Last Quarantine Digest Check will be in a format similar to the above in the Digest Settings of the user in question. If the check has not been performed, then it is likely due to one of the below reasons. 

Check Logs For Quarantined Items

Search message logs for quarantined items in the last 24 hours using the steps provided in this article. If there are no quarantined items, then no digest will have been generated. 

Review Spam Settings

Navigate to the Quarantine Digest Settings for the user in question and check the following settings:


Ensure that the option Receive Quarantine Digests is set to Yes.

If the option is set to Yes - But Send to alternative user, then the Quarantine Digests will be sent to the specified alternative user. Changing this setting to Yes will deliver the Digests to the original user. 


If you wish to include all quarantined items in every Digest, then ensure the setting Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent is set to No. If this option is set to Yes, then only freshly quarantined messages will appear in the digest; if there are no freshly quarantined messages, then no Digest will be generated.

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