Setting up Spooling Alerts

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Tue, 19 Nov 2019 at 10:44 AM by Jason Carreiro

Spooling alerts are notifications sent to designated contacts when Proofpoint Essentials is unable to deliver mail to the delivery destination of a registered domain. You would like to get notifications when:

    -    Emails are queuing

    -    The number of messages that cannot be delivered hits a threshold.

    -    Successful message delivery has resumed.

IMPORTANT: The Tech and Admin contacts must have a valid cell phone number registered in there profile.

IMPORTANT: The Tech and Admin contacts must registered on the companies profile page.

Configuring Spooling Alerts For A Single Account:

1- Click on Account Management - Alerts under Administration.

2- Enable the option Enable Spooling Alerts.

3- From the Send To drop down, choose who should receive the alert as indicated below.

4- From the Alert Delivery Method drop down, choose the preferred alert delivery method and click Save.