Vircom Introduces modusCloud Alerts Portal for Proofpoint Essentials

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Ever since our partnership with Proofpoint, we've been asking ourselves how we could improve Proofpoint Essentials user experience.  Our vast experience with Email Security and our own product, modusGate, has made it possible for us to identify certain features or items that our clients need that aren't necessarily present in PPE at this time where we could fill that void.

Hence, modusCloud alerts portal.  

The tool can be used by MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or individual Organizational admins.   If you're an MSP and wish to try out the portal, only one admin can use the portal so we strongly suggest you create an admin role account that can be shared with all your administrator-level staff since you can't have more than a single admin in the portal.

Note that modusCloud alerts portal is offered free of charge to all existing  Vircom clients who use proofpoint essentials.

What does the portal bring to the table?

Security Alerts

1) Every day, all the organizations under you are scanned for security changes or issues that we detect via proofpoint's API

2) We also check your domain status, SPF record (if there any syntactic anomalies for instance) and if the SOA of a domain changes, which could indicate either a client leaving (in the case of an MSP) or someone maliciously taking over your domain name.  Or it could be an omission (ie: you didn't renew your domain with your registrar)

3) We check your end users to see if they are doing any kind of self-whitelisting (which could lead to successful spoofing attacks) or whitelisting certain domains too broadly (ie: it's never a good idea to whitelist * or * for instance where attackers often create throw-away mailboxes).   We also provide a way to mass clean your end-users trusted lists if you have too many users who have bad entries  (Clean Safe Senders in the screenshot above).

4) We also check mail flow stats in and out to see if there's any abnormal behavior.  Outgoing viruses or spams could indicating a compromised account, for instance.

Business Alerts

In the case of business alerts, we check to see if something could affect your billing cycle.  Going above your license count or if you were doing a demo on a higher package that is about to expire, you probably want to know before the state of the account changes.


If you're an MSP and need to provision a large number of new clients, we provide the facilities to do that from CSV import.

So feel free to sign up to the portal today!

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We will be adding features in the near future and as Proofpoint exposes more of their API over time, we will be able to add even more functionality to the portal.  As long as you're a Vircom client, you will continue having access to this.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team ( or call us at 514-845-8474, we will be happy to answer all your questions.