Vircom Introduces Spam Reporter for Office365 (SRC365)

Created by Yves Lacombe, Modified on Tue, 25 Feb 2020 at 09:14 AM by Jason Carreiro

Vircom always had some sort of plugin for our spam filtering solutions.  For modusGate, we have directQuarantine for Outlook.  For Proofpoint Essentials, we have spamReporter for Outlook.  For office 365 proper, we just published a new plug-in that you can deploy directly off of Office 365's portal which we call Spam Report for Office365 (or SRC365 to make things short).  Best thing is - it's free as long as you're a Vircom client.

Check out the details for the deployment of SRC365 following this link

Purpose of the plugin

In a nutshell -- it makes it easier for your end users to report spam that makes it through the engine.  It helps close the loop between your end users, Vircom and Proofpoint.   Since Vircom sees the emails submitted through the portal, it also helps us assess if there's an issue with your setup or if we could tighten the security a bit better.

Make it easier to access your quarantine

When you click on the quarantine Icon in the desktop, the plugin brings the end-user directly to their quarantine page on Proofpoint Essentials and it saves them a few clicks in the process.

Make it easier to add entries to the user's trusted and blocked list

Often, when an end-user subscribed say, to a newsletter ... the first week, the end-user is happy to receive those emails.  After a month, the typical end-user winds up deleting those messages and after two months, they start viewing those emails as spam.  Of course, these newsletters aren't really spam but to the end-user's perception, they are.  So instead of reporting those Emails as spam, the user can simply BLOCK them at the touch of a button which adds the sender to their blocklist.  This reduced the false data sent to us & Proofpoint and makes those emails disappear making your end user happy in the process.

(of course, in the above example, I wouldn't block SANS institute, but it's an example)

Deploys directly via Office365 plug-in portal

Contrary to our plugins for the desktop version of outlook, SRC365 deploys directly via Office365's deployment portal.  That means no messy GPOs to work with or installers to deploy.    So much simpler to deploy to a few people or to a whole office.

How to deploy the plugin

Visit this article to get the plugin and do the deployment.

As always, feel free to contact our support team if you need assistance.