Using SRCO365 to Encrypt Emails within O365

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Fri, 12 Nov 2021 at 04:25 PM by Jason Carreiro


With the SRCO365 the ability to encrypt emails for external email delivery is available with ProofPoint Essentials, but what about local email accounts where local users wish to send encrypted emails to other local email accounts using SRCO365. At the present time Microsoft offer such an option but that will require 2 add-ins installed within Outlook.


To centralize all encrypted emails to be used through SRCO365, a simple rule can be created within O365 that indicates if an email is sent locally to use the O365 encryption policy. This will eliminate the of Microsoft encryption add-in and unify the settings to use one single add-in... the SRCO365 for both internally and externally. 

IMPORTANT: This article procedure is only functional with the purchase of Azure Information Protection Premium P1 license or higher.


1- Log into the Office 365 Admin Center. 

2- Once logged in click the Admin button.

3- Then click on Admin Centers and then Exchange.

4- Once in Exchange, click MAIL FLOW - RULES and click the plus sign "+" and select "Apply O365 Message Encryption and Rights Protection to Messages..."

5- In the new rules page simply create the rule as listed below with your own custom name and click the SAVE button.

6- Once the rule has been save on Exchange login to your Outlook client where your Vircom SRCO365 add-in is installed and click NEW EMAIL.

7- in the new email populate the content as you wish and click the SRCO365 ENCRYPT button to encrypt the message and click SEND.

8- Once sent, the local recipient will receive the email encrypted in there on inbox.