New Features in Proofpoint's Security Awareness

Created by Yves Lacombe, Modified on Mon, 13 Dec 2021 at 10:16 AM by Yves Lacombe

  1. Customization of the Email notifications sent out (Training Assignments, Completion and Reminders)
  2. Customization of the teachable moments
  3. New user enrollment report (assignment completion report)
  4. New training modules added (GDPR now, but more to come!)

Customization of Email notifications

With the Customization capability, it's now possible to create trainings where the  notification messages will come from any sender  you wish.  You can also modify the body of the notifications.

When you go into the Security Awareness Training module, you have a new option called "Notifications":

You can select which notification you wish to customize in the notification list.

Edit the notification to access the content and do the necessary modifications:

  • You can change the meta-data of the notification (name, category, etc ..)
  • You can change the FROM/TO address and the subject
  • You can modify the body of the notification as well.

Create custom teachable moments

Using the existing teachable moments as templates, you can create new teachable moments and invoke them when setting up a phishing campaign.

The option is at the top of the screen when going to the phishing campaign section:

Once you click on the link, you can click on "create a new custom teachable moment"

Select from an existing teachable moment template and begin your modifications.

Example of a modified teachable moment:

Finally, when you create your phishing campaign, the new moment should appear in the teachable moments list under "Custom Teachable Moments":

New user enrollment report (assignment completion report)

You now have a clearer view of who hasn't completed an assignment.

... that way you know who you probably need to poke and prod to get them to complete their given assingment.

New training modules added

Proofpoint added new GDPR modules to the training sets. New trainings will be added in the coming months.