Office 365 Monitor Beta

Created by Nadav Shenker, Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 03:24 PM by Nadav Shenker

Vircom has launched a new Office 365 Monitor available exclusively in Vircom Portal!

This new tool allows an admin to access several custom reports that help to monitor the safety and security of one or more Office 365 tenants.

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To configure Office 365 tenants to benefit from this beta functionality, simply select the corresponding tenant from the list of available tenants by clicking on “Subscribe”:

On the next screen,  enter the email address for where to send the alerts and click “Subscribe”

Then, select or login with the Office 365 global admin for the selected tenant to log in via Microsoft authentication

The system will attempt to link an active relay domain for the selected customer in Proofpoint to the same domain on Office 365 tenant.

If this domain is not found on Office 365 tenant, you will be prompted with a warning. Please verify that you are connecting the correct accounts.

Once the previous step is completed, it will take approximately one hour for the system to populate the Office 365 Monitor reports and generate alerts, if applicable.

The reports and the configuration options will then be displayed as follows:

If you would like to change the email address where you receive alerts, or turn off certain alerts, click the Gear icon.

Here are the alerts currently available in the Office 365 Monitor



Unregistered MFA

Users that do not have any Multi-Factor Authentication registered

Suspicious Logins

Users that have suspicious logins from different countries than the usual.

Suspicious Email Deletions

Bulk messages deletions over short time periods.

Suspicious Rules

Suspicious rules that send all traffic to another mailbox.

Large Email Volume Outbound

Abnormally large volume of outbound emails compared to the usual traffic.

For any technical issues please open a support ticket from this portal or by emailing

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