VIP Display Name Impersonation Beta

Created by Nadav Shenker, Modified on Wed, 03 Apr 2024 at 12:03 PM by Nadav Shenker

VIP Display Name Impersonation is generally available to customers as an Open BETA
NOTE: Office 365 Monitor must be subscribed to in order to use this feature

This feature protect VIPs from being impersonated by configuring display name protection rules for select users.

Simply create a new rule to protect a user from display name impersonation and we will automatically pull their display name from Office 365.

  • You can add additional protected display name variants to the policy
  • You can add allowed email addresses as exceptions to the policy  (ie. the users' personal email account)

Messages which trigger VIP Display Name Impersonation will be rejected with error message "Rejected due to phishing policy rule"

What does Open BETA mean?

While this feature has gone through rigorous testing, it is being released as an open beta.

We will do our best to block all variants of display name including common encoding techniques or avoidance tactics (like adding an extra space between names)

However, it is possible that certain display name variants are not captured.

It is possible that we make tweaks to the way the rule functions to capture additional variants or add improved protection. These changes will be communicated if and when happen.

We are also currently limit display name rules to a maximum of 20 rules per tenant and to a minimum of 2 characters per name.

If you have feedback about this feature during this beta phase we encourage you to email us at