Users have the Vircom Spamreporter addin, but one user’s add-in is just not showing no matter what I do.

Created by Yves Lacombe, Modified on Tue, 29 Aug 2023 at 11:21 AM by Yves Lacombe


All users have the Vircom Spam Reporter add-in but for some reason, one user doesn't see it showing up.


User is running with a higher security stance that is preventing add-ins from being installed.


In the outlook of the user in question ...

Navigate to file, options:

At the bottom select trust center, and then trust center settings.

Under Privacy Options, select Privacy Settings at the top.
Click the radio box for Optional Connected experiences. The section may be titled “required connected experiences” but regardless connected experiences needs to be checked or the Vircom app will not appear.

You may need to re-add manually the Vircom app to the toolbar, but it won’t appear before if that box is not checked.