ZenDesk Network IP Ranges

Created by Jason Carreiro, Modified on Tue, 11 May 2021 at 03:08 PM by Jason Carreiro


With a number of solutions now cloud based from anti-spam to ticketing systems, it is common practice now that some reconfiguration of email flow and policies are required for complete continuity. An example of this is that some CRM solutions are cloud based and these domains or IP ranges are required to be trusted or allowed through your network. Zendesk does offer a cloud based solution for there ticketing system, it may require that the ranges of IP address need to be trusted on Proofpoint Essentials. The range of IP addresses that should be trusted in Proofpoint Essentials are: - ZENDESK-NETWORK


To trust the range in ProofPoint Essential is by adding the range under SECURITY SETTINGS - EMAIL - SENDER LIST. Once there simply copy and paste the range in the SAFE SENDER LIST and click SAVE.